Recently, Ballerina tea has gained a lot of popularity thanks to the constant. It is ideal for people who want to lose weight, along with its other health benefits such as detoxing. Tea was taken from the idea that it helps to get a slim figure like ballet dancers.

Although its effectiveness in weight loss has been touted. Research supports only some of its health claims. In the following, here are the most prominent questions about him and their answers, as provided by the site.


What is ballerina tea?

This blend is not a tea in the traditional sense, like black or green tea. But is basically a mixture of two Chinese herbs, senna and mallow. You will usually find products in the market mixed with flavors, such as cinnamon or lemon.


Malva verticillata (Chinese mallow) 

Both the leaves and seeds of this herbaceous plant (cultivated in China, as well as in Africa, Europe and North America) are edible. The seeds of the plant can be used in diuretic products to increase urine production and reduce water retention.


Cassia angustifolia (Senna)

The leaves and fruits are harvested to make the ingredient that is used in many commercial laxative products. Senna is a nonprescription laxative approved by the FDA. Consumers can use the product to relieve constipation or to clear their bowels before diagnostic tests (such as a colonoscopy) are performed in a medical facility.


How to prepare 3 Ballerina Tea

Ballerina tea (or 3 ballerina tea) is commonly sold in stores and online as a dieter’s drink. Consumers use tea bags to make the drink. But the strength of the tea can vary.

  • Usually, when dieters start drinking tea, they pour 2-3 cups of water into a cup with one tea bag.
  • Users can take 3 times in a day after eat food.
  • After a week or so of consuming the drink, they often reduce the amount of water used, eventually using one glass of water with one tea bag.


What are the Benefits of Ballerina tea?

  • This tea is free of the stimulant caffeine. Which makes it an ideal alternative for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle without insomnia and high heart rate.
  • It has been scientifically proven that Chinese mallow helps control and reduce blood sugar. But research has not shown that tea has the same effect.
  • Studies have revealed that this tea is effective in treating constipation naturally.
  • Ballerina tea is rich in antioxidants that cleanse the body of toxins.


What are the side effects of  Ballerina Tea ?

  • Not ideal for burning fat. As it works like a laxative thanks to the senna herb that facilitates digestion and weight loss in the form of water and stool, not fat.
  • No serious side effects have been reported for drinking tea. But excessive consumption may cause diarrhea, abdominal cramps, dehydration, and others. Therefore, it is always recommended to drink it in moderation to avoid possible harm.




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