Can Collagen Supplements Cause Weight Gain

Can Collagen Supplements Cause Weight Gain

can collagen supplements cause weight gain? Nowadays, the use of all collagen pills or collagen syrup is widespread for various purposes, including hair straightening, joint pain treatment, or skin health improvement. There have been many claims about the relationship of collagen and weight. Some of these allegations say that the use of collagen increases weight, while others say that one of the benefits of consuming collagen is that collagen contributes to weight loss and slimming. How true are each of these claims?

In this article, we talk about the effect of collagen on weight, and whether collagen drinks or collagen pills make you fat and gain weight, or can collagen be used for slimming and weight loss.

Can collagen cause weight gain?

The use of collagen pills or collagen drink can produce full lips, or collagen cream may be used to plump the face and enlarge the cheeks, but taking collagen supplements does not increase weight, and there is no known mechanism for the action of collagen that causes collagen to increase weight when taken by an individual. for him.

On the contrary; Collagen has a potential effectiveness in reducing weight , as it is a protein that increases muscle mass as it is one of the widespread proteins in the body, and studies have shown the ability of collagen supplements to control appetite, which causes weight loss. Thus, if nothing changes in the individual’s diet and the individual is physically active, it is not expected that he will gain weight as a result of using collagen supplements.

How does collagen lead to weight loss?

Collagen gives a feeling of satiety unlike other proteins

Discover health tips study found that collagen provides 40% more satiety than the same amount of whey or soy protein, and that after consuming collagen, individuals consumed 20% less in their next meals compared to individuals who consumed other types of protein. Therefore, this may negate the possibility that collagen pills or drinks increase weight, or that collagen pills fatten the buttocks.

Collagen reduces appetite

Contrary to what is believed about collagen drinks or pills that open the appetite and that collagen increases weight, another study among obese and diabetic patients found that consuming collagen stimulates the secretion of hormones responsible for feeling full in the blood . After taking collagen, patients had a decrease in appetite and a decrease in their total food intake, which led to an increased chance of losing weight.

Collagen helps maintain muscle mass in the body

When we age, our bodies lose muscle mass , often replaced by fat, as this loss in body muscles is associated with excess nitrogen excretion in the urine and increased body needs for dietary protein in the elderly. Research has shown that taking collagen supplements is effective in helping the elderly maintain lean body mass and maintain muscle mass through nitrogen balance in the body, thus preventing the replacement of this muscle mass with fat.

Benefits of collagen for weight loss and slimming

On the contrary, collagen increases weight. Collagen has a number of benefits that contribute to weight loss and slimming, including:

Collagen provides a source of protein that aids feelings of fullness and promotes weight loss.
It has a 40% greater ability to increase satiety than other proteins.
Collagen reduces appetite.
Collagen supplementation helps maintain lean body mass.
It strengthens the dermis layer of the skin, which helps to hide cellulite .

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