Masturbation is a common sexual activity for men and is a natural and safe way to explore the body, feel pleasure, and release sexual tension. However, masturbation actually carries some harmful side effects, especially if it is excessively frequent. Is it right can masturbation cause memory loss?



Can Masturbation Cause Memory Loss

The stressful environment caused by long-term sexual exhaustion and excessive masturbation can lead to inflammation of the nervous system along with the accumulation of non-antioxidant proteins that cause brain cell destruction.


The hippocampus, the part of the brain that controls long-term memory, also suffers from this damage. According to researcher Robert M. Sapolsky in his book Why Stress Is Bad for Your Brain , glucocorticoids in the body initiate damage to the hippocampus during excessive masturbation.


Meanwhile, every time a man masturbates, he loses vital chemicals that are also involved with concentration and memory. Hence, men who masturbate more frequently have lower levels of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that lowers the heart rate and acts as an “exciting” chemical in the central nervous system. With low levels of acetylcholine, a man experiences memory gaps, causing forgetfulness. Hence, men with Alzheimer’s disease often appear to have lower levels of acetylcholine in the central nervous system.




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Tips for healthy masturbation:


To avoid the problem of forgetfulness due to excessive masturbation, it is necessary to follow the following tips:


Reducing exposure to pornography

There are some sexual stimuli that can stimulate sexual desire, such as pornographic pictures and videos. So removing these elements can significantly reduce unintended arousal, leading to a decrease in the desire to masturbate.



Find some new hobbies

To reduce excessive masturbation cause memory loss, it is necessary to find some hobbies or sports that fill the time and reduce thinking about sexual matters. From here, writing, drawing, dancing, horse riding and others are important options to reduce masturbation.



Not abstaining from it completely

Masturbation has many health benefits, so you should never refrain from practicing it. A few times of masturbation is very beneficial and does not raise the alarm regarding forgetfulness and mental disorders. So, when a man feels that he is masturbating excessively, he should reduce the number of times from 5 for example to twice per week.