Pain under Bra Line During Pregnancy

why women feel Pain under Bra Line During Pregnancy

Your breasts change and enlarge over the course of your pregnancy. So you may find it uncomfortable to wear a wire bra under your chest. Although there is no evidence that wearing them causes any harm. Most of the women pain under bra line during pregnancy.



Why Women Feel pain under bra line during pregnancy?


Some health experts believe that wire bras,

  • It compresses the growing milk duct system.
  • It causes discomfort, and may lead to mastitis .


As early as the sixth week of pregnancy, your breasts may start to be sensitive to touch and get a little bigger. 


Your breasts will become larger, heavier, and more sensitive to touch as you progress through your pregnancy. But the extent of these changes varies from woman to woman. The breasts may remain about the same size in some women, while they increase by one or more sizes in others.


Also, your rib cage may become wider, making your rib cage feel narrower around your back. In such a case, it helps to use a hyperlink for the sockets.




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Is it safe to wear a underwire bra or underwire during pregnancy?


As you grow out of your normal bra size. You’ll need a comfortable, cordless maternity one with a supportive front design. Some stores sell items that are specifically designed to be worn at night.


Nowadays, many ready-to-wear stores offer a free swivel sizing service to make sure you get the right size. You need a comfortable bra that supports the increasing weight of the breast, and does not compress the chest in any way.


You may need to take and change your measurement two to three times during pregnancy. It is recommended that you measure your soot around the end of the first trimester , between weeks 8 and 10.


Studies estimate that around 70% of women wear bras that don’t fit well. So it’s important to get your measurements taken by an experienced salesperson.


Good maternity bras are wider at the shoulder straps. The material supports the chest well, and the back hook (buckle) can be adjusted to allow you to wear the bra for longer as your breasts increase. Make sure of the following:


  • There is no bump or excess part of the breast at the top, in the front and on the sides.
  • If it rises at noon, then it is very large.
  • The nipples are straight forward, not down or up.

When you try to move the shoulder girdle, your breasts shouldn’t move inside the bra.

If your breasts are large and you want a little more support that the iron-wire bras at the bottom give, look for a maternity one that’s less restrictive with a lower wire. In this case, it is especially important to have your measurements taken if you plan to wear this type of bra.


Low-waist maternity bras are flexible and change position with your size. So they aren’t much more likely to cause problems than regular lace-up bras. But it is best not to wear it at night to avoid additional pressure on your breasts while you sleep.



An unforgettable bra causes unexpected pain


Headaches, back pain and indigestion are symptoms that many suffer from, and in some cases the causes of these symptoms are related to certain diseases. But it is worrying when the cause of these pains is unknown, and here health experts believe that the bra may be the reason for that!


Some women often suffer from  pain under bra line during pregnancy as well as digestive problems, without any justifiable causes for these pains. 


According to the “Discover health site” website, health experts believe that the bra may be the underlying cause of these pains. Statistical estimates indicate that 80% of women wear inappropriate bras.


Bras can affect your standing posture, which in turn leads to back pain, digestive problems and inflammation in the shoulder tendons. Bras that are too tight can put pressure on the nerves around the shoulders, which in turn can lead to muscle spasms and headaches.


Poorly choosing the right bra is due to many people not estimating their size correctly. Most women overestimate their breast size and underestimate their lower chest circumference. They buy very large bras.


Wearing these bras constantly leads to pulling the shoulders and the back of the neck downward, thus bending the spine, which in turn leads to cramping and discomfort.


On the other hand, bras in which the size of the chest circumference is very large, make the shoulders take a round shape, which health experts see as very bad. It negatively affects the standing position and may lead to back pain.


Note that experts believe that many people do not know that the function of the back strap in the bra is to support (support) the breasts, not to support the shoulders.


On the other hand, health experts warn those who wear sports bras of the danger of wearing improper bras during exercise, as it can lead to multiple problems, including dermatitis and damage to the ligaments responsible for determining the shape and position of the breast.


BH wired 100 Jahre

According to the Gesundheit Tips website, it is advised to consult specialists when buying bras, as the size of the breast often changes every few years. 


But rather comfortable and wide, allowing the introduction of two fingers under it, and a finger in the front. The bra should also surround the breasts completely without any part of the breasts showing outside the bra, and there should be no spaces inside it as well.


 As some bra manufacturers use formaldehyde, which is among the chemicals used to prevent the growth of bacteria.

 Especially in areas of intense friction and sweating, as well as that formaldehyde causes itching and irritation to the eyes and nose.


As for the best way to avoid toxins in clothes in general and underwear in particular. It is organic textiles, as the presence of chemicals in underwear increases the possibility of them reaching the body through the skin.


Note that the presence of formaldehyde in the body causes an imbalance in the work of the endocrine glands.